So You Want To Start A Brewery?, Lagunitas Brewing Company the story, by Tony Magee, book review

Lagunitas Brewing Company, The Story by Tony Magee. So you want to start a brewery?

So you want to start a brewery?  This is the question posed to readers of “Lagunitas Brewing company, The Story” by Tony Magee.  Tony founded Lagunitas brewing in 1993 in San Fransisco. Over the past 20 years he has grown it into one of the most successful craft beer breweries in the country.

This book is not only an eye opening account of what it took to build a successful brewing business, it should also be required reading for any business student or anyone who ever dreamed about starting a brewery of their own.  Tony takes us through all the pitfalls and problems he encountered while building Lagunitas. Before reading this book I had never even thought about how having a high demand could actually be detrimental to a business when you don’t have the capital to meet that demand. It seems making a good product is the easiest part of it all, good beer literally sells itself. Getting people to give you money to make it is more is difficult.

If this book doesn’t scare you off the idea of starting a brewery or any kind of business then you may have what it takes, or you may be a little crazy.  Most likely it’s both, and that’s probably a good thing! I never thought I would enjoy reading a book about business, but Tony keeps things interesting and fun. Whether you are a beer geek, a business major or both  I highly recommend you read this book.

241 pages, published by Charles Pinot, inc.

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